Rocky underwater made up of rocky reefs is a great site where the tide from the Andaman Sea hits. You may encounter a flock of Devil Rays and whale sharks.

We Island is the 0km point (westernmost point) of Indonesia and is the entrance to the Straits of Malacca from the Andaman Sea.
Transparency can be stable, and Hanadai’s communities are reflected in the deep blue sea and healed.
There are also unique sites, such as submarine hot spring points.
A flock of more than 50 Devil Rays appears frequently, and encounters a huge flock of rhinoceros, barracuda and ginger sharks, and whale sharks.
Rare species such as Red Tail Butterfly Fish, Black Pyramid Butterfly Fish, Powder Blue Surgeon Fish, Two-Tone Damsel, Yellowtail Sparrowfish, Andaman Damzel, Hana Beard and Zebra Moray, and Seahorse.

Seasonality SESONALITY The
dry season is from February to October. The rainy season is from November to January

Season Transparency water temperature Highlight
February-October 20-30m 29 ℃ Transparency increases with the season in

Departure from Jakarta 4 days 6 dives ~
schedule example

Departure from Japan 6 days 6 dives ~
schedule example

Included in price:
Diving, meal (morning and evening), Japanese tour & underwater guide,
transportation from nearest airport to resort by boat and boat

Excludes :
International and domestic round-trip flight costs between Japan and Manado
* International flights Domestic flights can be arranged
* Extra nights and additional dives are possible


It is a simple cottage with an ocean view, but the owner is a friendly and well-received woman who will be happy to assist you during your stay.
Bars and restaurants by the sea range from Indonesian to Western food, and arrange pizzas and barbecues in the stone kiln.

Mame Knowledge RANDOM FACT
Wei Island is located in the northern part of Sumatra, where Aceh GAYO is a representative of Indonesian coffee. Floral flavor, rich body and refreshing taste.
In addition, because it is the westernmost tip of Indonesia, food is unique at the entrance of foreign cultures such as China, Europe and India. Recommended is Me Aceh. Thick noodles with a variety of ingredients, sauces and seasonings, so please try it.
Aceh Province is a strong Islamic region based on Sharia law (Islamic law) that is not allowed by domestic law, but the local people are kind, gentle and safe.
However, please bring your own hard liquor such as whiskey and wine locally.
Beer is available locally, so don’t worry about toasting after diving.

Recommended dive site The DIVE SITE
diving style is a boat dive. From the resort to the point, the speed boat is close to 5 to 15 minutes.

1 Batatekon
A large and swarm site where the tidal current hits. When you enter deep, the sea fan population is wonderful.
You can also encounter a flock of Devil Ray

2 Arusu The
entry is made on the side where the ballet flow is weak, and large rhinoceros flocks. Healing by Hanadai (Indonesian lier tail) that covers the field of vision when flowing to the other side

3 Underwater Volcano
There is a submarine hot spring from the sand where the foam rises.
Take off your wetsuit and dive, and feel hot springs in the water