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Miracle Sea Rajaunpat. Easily move points at Kuri Island Stay where famous sites gather

The Rajaunpat Islands, located at the westernmost point of Papua, are now attracting attention from divers around the world and are called the Miracle Sea. The charismatic dive tour is a great location to stay in the heart of Dampier Strait, dotted with Raja’s leading dive sites, 5 minutes to Cape Kuri and 10 minutes to Blue Magic.

<Reason for being called the Miracle Sea>
No.1 The coral size is almost unaffected by almost no changes in the global environment! Hundreds of years living of whether the 2 are hordes of several kinds of fish each other folds, not run away at all 3 rich and types of fish plankton, many endemic species, Ubigon, rare species such as Ponto human pygmy seahorse is normally watch
and, From December to March, a giant giant oceanic manta ray will come around Kurisu Island.

Basically all-season diving is possible.
Rajaunpat directly under the equator does not clearly separate the dry and rainy seasons, and the weather is not readable at all. However, it is rare that it rains all day, and it falls temporarily like a squall.

Season Transparency water temperature Highlight
December-March 10-15m 29 ℃ Giant Oceanic Manta Aim
April-July 10-15m 29 ℃ Calm sea
August and September 20-30m 28 ℃ Excellent transparency
October, November 10-15m 29 ℃ Transparency is good and flocks gather

Departure from Jakarta 4 days 6 dives ~
schedule example Schedule

Japan departure 6 days 9 dives ~
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Cruise information
Depart from CRUISE Jakarta 5 days 8 dives ~
schedule example

Japan departure 7 days 8 dives ~
example schedule

Cottage is located in the eastern part of Kuri Island where the dive sites representing Rajaunpat are concentrated.
Since the movement from the cottage to the dive site is as short as about 10 minutes, you can go back to the cottage and take a rest after each one, and you can dive while watching the tide time zone.

The cruise ship also anchors around this island of Kuris and mainly dive around this site.

There are no shops on the island, so there will be inconvenience, but colorful birds will heal you.

The cottage staff are friendly and attentive. It is a very simple eco cottage with private power generation (14 hours a day) and water shower without air conditioner. Coral reefs that are used as cradle for young fish are untouched. Nishiki Tegli at sunset. At night, you can also observe the rare and rare creatures of Mac Dive. It is a popular inn for Westerners.

Mame Knowledge RANDOM FACT
Kurisu Island is originally an uninhabited island, so there are no warungs (shops). So before you leave, you can go out and buy beer and soft drinks for your stay at Solon.

Surprisingly, half of the Westerners staying on this island are divers, and the other half are birdwatchers. You can see shandrawassy (birds of paradise) and colorful birds.

Recommended dive site The DIVE SITE
diving style is a boat dive. From the resort to the point, the speed boat is close to 5 to 15 minutes.

1 Blue Magic
2 Cape Chestnut
3 Manta Ridge

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  • Jakarta departure 4 days 8 dives
  • From Japan 6 days 8 dives

What you will do

Activity program Raja Ampat Papua
It is Island life so we do not really have a tight schedule that we must follow things are fully customizable to you and your needs


  • Diving
  • Cabin (1 room for 2 people)
  • Meal (morning and lunch)
  • Japanese tour & underwater guide
  • Transportation by boat and boat from the nearest airport to the resort
  • International Round-trip Flight Cost Japan-Bali-RAJA AMPAT- Papua
  • Domestic round-trip flight costs Jakarta Love RAJA AMPAT- Papua
  • International flights Domestic flights can be arrange
  • Extra nights and additional dives are possible

Activity's Location

Created with Sketch. RAJA AMPAT- Papua Indonesia


Raja Ampat Papua Tour Questions & Anwsers
How Hard is it to get to Raja Ampat Papua? Getting to Raja Ampat is the most difficult part of the trip. First you need to go to either jakarta or Bali. From there get on your domestic flight to raja ampat. Is there wifi internet in raja ampat papua? No not really but cell phone coverage does work. so bring some money for a sim card and a unlocked smart phone if you want the internet
what kind of poisonous creatures are there in Raja Ampat Papua?
well just like any were else yes there are here is a few to look out for. 1. Box jelly fish 2.sea snake 3.great white lol just joking that's about it


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