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Barracuda’s flock that covers the whole surface, Sangaraki, meaning Manta

Located on the equator, the rainforest of Kalimantan Island is jungle inhabited by orangutans, and a large river carries soil nutrients to the northwestern sea. From the east, the Pacific Ocean’s warm and transparent ocean currents flow, and Maratua Island, Derawan Island, Sangaraki Island, and Kakaban Island, which are located there, have different personalities. There are many diving sites.
A great horde of barracudas, a channel where you can see migrating sharks (Big Fish Country), and a drop-off corner looking for migratory fish. Exciting diving.
At Charisma Dive, you will stay on Derawan Island, which is convenient for your stay. Whale sharks that fishermen have gathered in the nets for sardine fishing. “A close approach to the whale shark while moving the point” is a sea of ​​grace that gives you a glimpse of such a natural expression.

Seasonality SESONALITY Divided into
dry season (April to November) and rainy season (December to March). However, it may rain even in the dry season due to the wind, but it is rare that it rains all day, and it falls temporarily like a squall.

Season Transparency water temperature Highlight
March to June 20m 29 ℃ The waves are calm and the transparency is good
August and September 30m 27 ℃ Excellent transparency
December to March 10-15m 29 ℃ Whale sharks gather near Delawan Island

Departure from Jakarta 4 days 6 dives ~
schedule example Schedule

Japan departure 7 days 9 dives ~
schedule example Schedule

Included in price:
diving, meal (morning and lunch), Japanese tour & underwater guide,
transportation from nearest airport to resort by boat and boat

Excludes :
International round-trip flight costs Japan—jakarta
domestic round-trip flight costs Jakarta-sorong
* International domestic flights can be arranged
* Extra nights and additional dives are possible

Floating cottage in a calm bay where you can see the sunset.
You can walk to the village and go shopping and restaurants. Diving is easy by boarding a boat from the cottage pier.

Merry Knowledge
Jellyfish found in RANDOM FACT Palau. You can also see here on Kakaban Island. There are 4 types of jellyfish that don’t have spines, and you can enjoy snorkeling during a dive.
Derawan Island to stay is the closest to Kalimantan Island, despite the small island, the village has abundant fresh water of groundwater and the shower water does not contain any salt. For this reason, there are many aquatic plants that feed on green turtles along the coast, and sea turtles that are more than 1 meter long can reach the shallows and near the coast and can be seen from the cottages.

Recommended  Dive Site
Diving style is boat dive. From the resort to the point by speed boat, dive for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the point) 2-3 dive and return to the resort.

-Four unique islands-The charismatic dive tour will take you around all four islands, each with different underwater expressions, including Derawan, Maratua, Kakapan, and Sangaraki.

1 Maratoua Island
Diving on the channel dive channel imagines the style of drifting the waterway between the islands, but the point of Big Fish Country is the entrance to the waterway where the ocean water flows into the large bay of the island So, we plan to apply the current hook around the corner, aim at the big object against the flow, and gradually adjust the hook position to a shallow depth.

And most importantly, the main aim is the tornado of barracuda.
Barracuda lines that are out of sight become a large group of swarms that begin to swirl in front of you, and
many divers will feel untouched and magnificent natural beauty.
As the flow is strong, white sharks, rhododendrons and tuna may swarm, and swarms of medley sharks also appear.

2 Delawan Island
Soft corals and sandy bottoms can be observed with imitating unique and beautiful creatures. For photographers and macrodivers , there
are points where whale sharks come, which is the sea ​​where you want to dive . However, it can be seen with high probability throughout the year, and sometimes several animals appear in groups.

3 Kakaban Island At
the tip of the island where the tide hits, aim at the area that is just a corner by deep dive.
This is also a group of Barracuda and Gingameji, and on the wall side, there may be a bitterness and hammerhead shark in the early morning.
The inside of the island is a lake, and many jellyfish breed in a unique environment where seawater and fresh water are mixed, and it is said to be a jellyfish lake. Because it is a jellyfish that does not have poison, you can swim with a mask.

4 Sangalaki Island The
shallow coral reef is a beautiful island.
Various hard corals and soft corals are intermingled and it is an untouched underwater world.
In areas where reef manta rays gather for cleaning and predation, they can be seen by diving and snorkeling, and sometimes swarming.

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  • Jakarta departure 4 days 8 dives
  • From Japan 6 days 8 dives

What you will do

I will take you to explore Borneo


  • Diving
  • Cabin (1 room for 2 people)
  • Meal (morning and lunch)
  • Japanese tour & underwater guide
  • Transportation by boat and boat from the nearest airport to the resort
  • International Round-trip Flight Cost Japan-Bali-MARATUA & DERAWAN – BORNEO
  • Domestic round-trip flight costs Jakarta Love MARATUA & DERAWAN – BORNEO
  • International flights Domestic flights can be arrange
  • Extra nights and additional dives are possible

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Created with Sketch. MARATUA & DERAWAN-Borneo


Is there a international Airport?
yes on the island of borneo


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