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ALOR – Flores Sea

A miracle island that has been kept in harmony with nature, you can enjoy the underwater world that attracts divers from all over the world, from macro to wide. On Alor Island, we saw beautiful coral reefs and witnessed nature that has not changed since ancient times. It ’s strange to say this, but I […]

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AMBON – Maluku Islands

Ambon-Maluku Islands The holy place of MUCK dive! ! Where Darwin observed living things for evolution [Endemic species] [Macro] [Mac Dive] Located between Papua New Guinea and Sulawesi Island, Maluku State is divided into the South, North and Central Malukus, and is surrounded by the Moluccas, Serum, Banda, Timur and Arafura Seas. Is as wide […]

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KOMODO Cruise – Flores

KOMODO CRUISE-FLORES SEA It takes about 1 hour by plane from Bali where you can enjoy a resort dive to Flores. At Charisma Dive, we are taking a dive cruise around the dive sites around Komodo Island and Rincha Island in and out of Labuan Bajo Port on Flores Island. The Komodo Islands are a treasure […]

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MENADO & REMBE- Sulawesi

A luxury tour where you can enjoy the two seas in a short trip, including the highly transparent wall diving of Bunaken Island, the world famous macro site Lembeh [Beginner] [Macro] [Wide] [Food] [Culture] [Family] Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi province, located at the northernmost tip of the Minahasa Peninsula in Sulawesi. […]

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MAUMERE – Flores

Enjoy the new face wide and macro of Flores Island, after dive a relaxing holiday in an eco bungalow The name of Flores Island is known worldwide, Komodo’s Monitor Lizard, Komodo Dragon (Flores) The island that means flowers has many attractions other than Komodo, and tourists are increasing year by year mainly in Europe. The […]

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