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MARATUA & DERAWAN-BORNEO Barracuda’s flock that covers the whole surface, Sangaraki, meaning Manta Located on the equator, the rainforest of Kalimantan Island is jungle inhabited by orangutans, and a large river carries soil nutrients to the northwestern sea. From the east, the Pacific Ocean’s warm and transparent ocean currents flow, and Maratua Island, Derawan Island, Sangaraki […]

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WEI Island

WEH – ACEH SUMATRA   WEH-ACEH SUMATRA WEI – SUMATRA, ACEH Rocky underwater made up of rocky reefs is a great site where the tide from the Andaman Sea hits. You may encounter a flock of Devil Rays and whale sharks. We Island is the 0km point (westernmost point) of Indonesia and is the entrance to the […]

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TERNATE- Maluku Islands

TERNATE-HALMAHERA Unopened sea. Nature’s fresh sea. Dugong sightings, I think there are many first-time ears in Halmahera, the Malacca Islands of North Maluku, the first ride to the new sea, Halmahera Ternate . The place is located on the west side of the Raja Ampat Islands, one of Indonesia’s leading dive sites, and touches the […]

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RAJA AMPAT-PAPUA Miracle Sea Rajaunpat. Easily move points at Kuri Island Stay where famous sites gather The Rajaunpat Islands, located at the westernmost point of Papua, are now attracting attention from divers around the world and are called the Miracle Sea. The charismatic dive tour is a great location to stay in the heart of Dampier Strait, […]

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BANDA – Maluku Islands

Stay at Spice Island Banda Island and aim for the early morning hammerhead [Unexplored] [Big & Wide] [Endemic species] The volcanic island in the Banda Sea, which has a depth of 5000m, 180km south of Ambon, the center of the Maluku Islands, was a source of nutmeg and was greatly influenced by the spice trade […]

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